I’m Courtney Riley! I’m a yoga instructor, certified health coach, massage therapist and Ironman athlete. Since I can remember, I’ve been passionate about health, wellness and helping others along their journey towards a balanced life. I’ve been an athlete since I could walk. I played multiple sports throughout my childhood, started competing in triathlons during high school, and added adventure racing to my life in college.
In 2001, an injury from a season of intense competitions left me unable to walk without pain. That’s when I discovered yoga, which both healed my body and aided me with understanding that I am more than just a physical being. This experience soon inspired me to dedicate myself to the path of holistic wellness. I saw that if yoga could heal me physically, connect me with my soul and give me a deeper sense of my truth, then it could certainly do that for others! As my love and knowledge of yoga and holistic healing grew, I developed a deep connection to Thai yoga therapy and table massage. I learned to see places in my students' bodies where they had “energetic leaks,” and found it profoundly helpful and rewarding to aid my students' healing through hands-on bodywork.

At the same time that my understanding of the body was growing, I found that my digestive and endocrine systems were declining in health. I became acutely aware through my own food allergies, candida, PMS, and fatigue that what we eat can be either medicine or poison. I noticed that my students who cleansed regularly and ate a clean diet held their bodywork and yoga-session results longer. That’s when I decided to become a certified health coach and dedicated myself to learning how food and detoxification play into someone becoming their most vibrant self! I treasure working with people! In my work, my aim is to hold a sacred space in which a person can feel safe and free to look inward, activate their inner awareness, develop their “inner knowing,” and travel their own path to greater health and vitality.   

With Blessings, Gratitude, and Hugs,




  • Courtney grew up in the North Shore of Chicago and went to Lake Forest College completing a Bachelor’s degree in studio art and theatre with a minor in religion.

  • She spent her college years working as a personal trainer and spin instructor.

  • Courtney's yoga, body work, and wellness coaching education began in 2001.

  • 200 hour teacher training at Moksha Yoga Studio in Chicago

  • 300 hour professional yoga program with Yogaworks in Los Angeles

  • 600 hour massage therapy program in Chicago at the New School of Massage

  • 200 hour Thai Yoga Massage program at the Chicago School of Massage

  • 3 year Energy healing program in Kansas City at Core Star Healing School

  • 13 years of study with Rod Stryker as a certified Para Yoga teacher

  • 1 year health and nutrition coaching program with the International Institute of Nutrition.

  • 27 Hour Contemporary Cupping Method Certification Course through ICTA