If you said YES, then please join me in a Dive Deep Wellness Program, contact me about my corporate talks + workshops, and definitely check out the products I trust!




I feel so blessed to have joined forces with a good friend of mine, Venessa Rodriguez, a holistic health counselor and functional nutritionist.  Together we have created Dive Deep Wellness LLC.  




At Dive Deep, our aspiration is to uplift and hold space for the transformation of women and men through food, lifestyle and love with holistic wellness programs and soul-nourishing events. Inside each of our programs, we utilize whole food-based nutrition, meditation, Yoga Nidra, journaling, breath work and self-reflection plus nourishment techniques to press the reboot button mentally, emotionally, and physically.

2 Week Program:

Dive Deep Detox is a whole foods-based 14 day detox program designed to help you reflect, reset, rejuvenate and restore by tending to digestive health, decreasing inflammation and toxicity inside and out, and enhancing your innate healing capabilities. Get ready to dive deep and discover a new you!

4 Week Program:

Dive Deeper is a step-by-step program that helps you turn those healthy habits into a lasting lifestyle using the power of nutrition, breath, meditation, & ritual. Go to http://bit.ly/divedeeper4week to get on the list.

Soul Nourishment Day:

Coming Soon!. Soul nourishment days are self lead one and two day retreats experienced from the comfort of your own home or any place you feel nourishes Self exploration and healing.  Depending on the theme you choose to explore, Dive Deep will provide various meditations, rituals, journaling. and online guidance to support your journey into your inner landscape.

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Corporate Coaching; Talks and Team Work:  

I offer a variety of presentations and team focused workshops focused on topics of food/ nutrition, Self care, becoming a “corporate athlete”, and building physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Write me a note to inquire about me working with your team.

Transformational Products I Trust! Orenda International

After suffering for years with digestive, endocrine, and hormonal issues, I am excited to share the products that helped me heal. Inside Dive Deep Wellness we offer the opportunity to clean out on a deeper level using both Orenda’s Clean, Burn, Shape and Orenda’s Ultimate Pack. These products have become a crucial part of my and many of my clients daily regime. Check out the below links to learn more about these transformational  products.