Meditation has been proven to be beneficial in many areas. The long list includes stress reduction, lowering inflammatory markers and improving inflammatory bowel disease symptoms.

1. Improving sleep, decreasing depression, reducing anxiety, improving insulin and glucose regulatory genes, and even cellular aging by impacting telomere length

2. Meditation has also been found to be beneficial for eating habits – mindfulness meditation was shown to effectively decrease binge eating and emotional eating in those suffering from disordered eating patterns.

There are many different kinds of meditation styles and practices, but we’d like to propose that they all accomplish something very similar – and that is to bring you to the present moment, back to your essence and take a break from your very active mind and life. We encourage you to explore various kinds of meditation, download meditation apps, join meditation groups or yoga classes, and discover what feels good for you. You might find that your preferred form of meditation is different than you thought, such as taking a long walk in nature alone or listening to your favorite easy song or prayer.

Below you’ll find an Unconditional Healing meditation audio. In this meditation you will utilize breath and imagery to first create a sense of peace and well being inside of you preparing yourself to send unconditional healing and peace to a situation in your life or the heart of another person. This is a beautiful practice for bringing peace and healing both into your own life and gifting it into a situation or life of another. 


Lindsey Cavanaugh