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Meditation Class *dates coming soon*

Meditation has so many benefits. These benefits are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

One of benefits I love about meditation is it "changes my momentum" allowing me to shift from reaction mode to response mode.

Have you ever had the experience of running around all day like a chicken with your head cut off, but at some point during the day you step into a yoga class, into a bath, or even get stuck in traffic – willingly or not so willingly forcing you to slow down- creating a powerful perspective shift? In that moment, you check in with yourself. Not the drama of the day or the crazy to do list in your head – but you check in with what is actually going on inside at a deeper soul level.

That’s what I call… “changing your momentum.”

While it isn’t always in our power to change our external conditions, we can train to better manage our inner state.

With meditation in my life I have cultivated a relationship to witness consciousness. When in touch with this inner state of awareness, I feel a cushion between when things happen to me and the time it takes me to respond. There is a space created in which I am no longer a servant to my mind but my mind becomes a servant to me. Shifting my momentum from a non-productive reactionary state to a conscious responsive state is a muscle I work everyday in my seated practice.

Is it time for you to change your momentum and create space to listen to your heart!?

If you said “Yes”... then stay tuned and join me for my next meditation class or series.

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Later Event: September 11
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